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Liver Surgery Research Expands In Social Media



Liver Surgery Research Expands In Social Media

May 13, 2022

HEIDELBERG, GERMANY – In the first week of May 2022, Liver Surgery Research (LSR) expanded their social media presence, to include YouTube and TikTok, to reach a wider audience in pursuit of their mission to educate all people about the human liver and liver health in regards to liver surgery.

Liver Surgery Research’s social media growth into both YouTube and TikTok signals their expanding focus at reaching even wider and younger audiences, outside of the normal invested parties and narrow primary target audience. LSR realizes that knowledge has value and should not be available to only the educated, privileged, and narrow medical and scientific specialty fields, especially in an era when fighting “fake news” and misinformation is vital to global information sharing. Through utilizing open, free, and popular social media channels, Liver Surgery Research hopes to provide some clarity and equity in the spread of knowledge on the liver and liver surgery.

Liver Surgery Research will use these social platforms to focus on educating the general public, not only through the sharing of LSR’s research (which is often published in open access journals), but additionally, to post content that provides easy to understand facts in the areas of Liver Surgery Research’s expertise.

Liver Surgery Research can be found on YouTube at or by searching the term “Liver Surgery Research.”

Liver Surgery Research can be found on TikTok at or by searching the term “Liver Surgery Research.”

In addition to YouTube and TikTok, Liver Surgery Research may be found on: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and at

About Liver Surgery Research

Liver Surgery Research (LSR) is a medical research group, located at Heidelberg University in Heidelberg – Germany. LSR specializes in research investigating liver regeneration after hepatectomy (liver resection) and post-hepatectomy liver failure, HCC development and treatment (especially in the context of MAFLD [metabolically associated fatty liver disease]), and rare liver lesions and diseases. LSR is the founder and leader of the RELIVE (RarE LIVEr) Initiative; a multidisciplinary project to establish evidence-based therapies for rare liver diseases. LSR is currently working on over 20 research projects and has over 100 peer reviewed published authorships. To learn more about Liver Surgery Research, visit


Nicholas Murtha

Communications Manager

Liver Surgery Research at Heidelberg University

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