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Liver Surgery Research Heidelberg Launches a New Name and Domain


at Heidelberg University



Liver Surgery Research Heidelberg Launches a New Name and Domain

Feb. 22, 2022

HEIDELBERG, GERMANY – On February 22, 2022, Liver Surgery Research Heidelberg, a medical research group at Heidelberg University, is thrilled to announce that it is changing its current name to Liver Surgery Research at Heidelberg University. Along with the name change, Liver Surgery Research is introducing as a new and simplified domain for its website.

The old name, Liver Surgery Research Heidelberg, was vague in part by merely referring to “Heidelberg” without context. The name change helps to clear up this confusion, while also allowing for a more streamlined title when the name is used repeatedly in various communication formats.

The new name, Liver Surgery Research at Heidelberg University, is more schematic and expressive with its two-part structure and usage. The first part is simply “Liver Surgery Research,” referencing the group’s specialty area and purpose and can be used alone to reference the group in various communication settings and formats, especially when the group is referenced repeatedly. The second part, “at Heidelberg University” references Liver Surgery Research’s parent faculties of Heidelberg University and Heidelberg University Hospital. This part can be removed in various communication formats after the initial introduction of the group.

This transformation removes the ambiguity of the previous name and directly acknowledges Liver Surgery Research’s affiliation to Heidelberg University and Heidelberg University Hospital, Germany’s oldest university and a globally recognized elite medical and educational institution (Newsweek ranked Heidelberg University Hospital as #14 for Worlds Best Hospitals 2020) (QS World University ranked Heidelberg University as #63 for The World's Top 100 Universities).

To match the name change, the initials of the group name will adjust to simply “LSR” from being “LSRHD”.

The new domain name,, replaces as the primary web address for Liver Surgery Research. Though still active, the old domain will become inactive after May 23, 2022.

Removing the “hd” from the domain not only simplifies and slightly shortens the domain name length, but more importantly, reduces confusion around Liver Surgery Research’s web address, making it easier for the public and invested parties to remember and find Liver Surgery Research in online searches.

Internally, the changes allow for greater flexibility with managing Liver Surgery Research’s search engine optimization (SEO). At the same time, the changes provide a name that is less confusing in written and verbal communications.

To reflect the name change, all of Liver Surgery Research’s social media accounts have been updated. These accounts may now be found at the following links:

Twitter: @LiverSurgeryRes (

Facebook: Page:



Instagram: @liver_surgery_research


Liver Surgery Research invites visitors to explore these and all new updates by visiting

About Liver Surgery Research at Heidelberg University

Liver Surgery Research at Heidelberg University is a research group specializing in research investigating liver regeneration after hepatectomy (liver resection) and post-hepatectomy liver failure, HCC development and treatment (especially in the context of MAFLD [metabolically associated fatty liver disease]), and rare liver lesions and diseases. Liver Surgery Research is the founder and leader of the RELIVE (RarE LIVEr) Initiative; a multidisciplinary project to establish evidence-based therapies for rare liver diseases. Liver Surgery Research is currently working on over 20 research projects and has over 100 peer reviewed published authorships. To learn more about Liver Surgery Research, visit


Nicholas Murtha

Communications Manager

Liver Surgery Research at Heidelberg University


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