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at Heidelberg University

Liver Surgery Research (LSR) is a research group located at Heidelberg University in Heidelberg, Germany.
LSR specializes in liver regeneration after hepatectomy (liver resection) and post-hepatectomy liver failure, HCC development and treatment (in particular in the context of MAFLD [metabolically associated fatty liver disease]), and rare liver lesions and diseases.
These areas of interests are researched through clinical and translational research, as well as systematic review and meta-analyses, thus providing a comprehensive investigation on the subject. 
Liver regeneration and PHLF is explored with co-operation with DKFZ (German Cancer Research Center) and several clinical partners, e.g. Leipzig University. A translational approach is heavily used.
MAFLD and associated HCC is also investigated in cooperation with DKFZ, systems biology division and several other clinical partners.
The RELIVE initiative (generating evidence for diagnosis and therapy of rare liver disease) is an original project that puts focus on rare liver lesions. Through systematic investigation of rare liver lesions, guidelines for treatment of these diseases can be generated. Meticulous work puts the diagnosis in the center and abstains from pooling data on presumably similar conditions to avoid bias. Specifically, the impact of surgical therapies and different operative techniques are investigated. A special emphasis is placed on liver disease of children and young adults.

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