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Generating Evidence for Diagnosis & Therapy of RarE LIVEr Disease: the RELIVE Initiative...

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Generating Evidence for Diagnosis and Therapy of RarE LIVEr Disease: the RELIVE Initiative for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses

Article Category: Position Statement

Abstract: RELIVE is a multidisciplinary project to establish evidence-based therapies for rare liver diseases. Systematic reviews and meta-analyses will be the starting point for a structured development of guidelines for rare conditions of the liver. The novel approach will be the integration of case reports and small series of patients with specific rare liver disease. A vital resource of information and data will be used, that has been largely neglected so far. Pooling of several different, presumably similar conditions within one study will be avoided. Thus, a major step towards evidence-based therapies for orphan liver diseases will be achieved.

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